Hello and welcome to my new blogging adventure! I used to write a blog in the past and now I'm starting a fresh after an almost 3 year break in considerably different circumstances.

A bit about me:

 I'm a 28 year old single mum to a beautiful, intelligent, very energetic 3 year old girl. 
I have a degree in Physiology and have lived up and down the country. I'm currently based in the Manchester area but have resided in Leeds, Liverpool and my second home Plymouth for considerable periods of time. My most recent work background is in the NHS and I hope to return there soon.

I suffer from Crohn's disease and that along with several other difficulties have made life very hard in recent years. I want this blog to be part of my journey out of some horrible circumstances, my journey to getting myself back and my continued journey of parenthood with my little girl.

I'll also be covering idea's on how to cope on a budget, day's out, crafty fun, books, baking, veggie meal ideas, voluntary work, some beauty posts, health & fitness and more.
I love to blog and I hope when I have this new one up and running people will be happy to join me on the journey.

I am happy to be approached by PR representatives. If you'd like to work with me through my little blog please visit my contact section.

The little things:

  • I love anything creative, I do my best not to have a freak out about a mess but I love crafty sessions, baking, decopatch, the list goes on...
  • My mum brought me up on cups of tea....since being ill I've had to resort to decaf. I don't understand those who don't like hot drinks.
  • You can pretty much guarantee I'll be happy if I'm brought some baileys.
  • I'd love to travel the world, have my own craft room, a play room for G, a home gym, run my own animal sanctuary, have a dog and another child amongst other things.
  • I love Hollyoaks and the Vampire diaries ..... even though I am the grand old age of 28.