Saturday, 29 August 2015

Returning to the world of blogging.....

It will be 8 months on Monday since I did any work on this blog. On new years eve, just before the clock struck midnight and the new year of 2015 began, my bloody laptop decided to die!

I was no longer able to carry on with the blog and I have many posts still unfinished, left frozen in time!

So 8 months have gone by and I've still not been able to sort out my laptop predictament. However with my little monkey starting school next week, I am thinking I may have the time to blog using my way past it's best computer (very old, slightly useless and alot more time consuming than using the laptop). 

So with that slightly dramatic introduction, I'll just get to the point. I'm back! 

To those of you who were reading, I hope you'll come back and join me again :)


  1. 8 months without your laptop. You deserve some kind of medal! Welcome back :-)

  2. Ha Thank you, it's definately a lot easier using a laptop than this old thing I'm on right now but I'm determined to carry on anyway! xx