Tuesday, 5 August 2014

A little about my new blog

As I mentioned in my first post things have changed a fair bit since I was writing my last blog. I'm now a single mum to my wonderful little girl and have faced and still am facing many difficulties but she is my shining light in all of this.

G is my main focus in life right now but I have many interests and aspirations which I'll be covering as well as our adventures and general journey as mother and daughter. This might seem vague but I don't want to ramble on to specify all my interests in this post. You'll get to know them if you stick around and read my blog.
I'm on a very tight budget so many posts will include activities on a budget and idea's to help get by.

 After time off with my long term illness and other serious personal problems I am hoping to get back to work before the years out. I will be starting with voluntary work hopefully at the local hospital and animal sanctuary, so fingers crossed I will be writing about those experiences too.

When I first started blogging I had just found out I was pregnant and I started actively 'comping' and was quite successful. I reviewed a couple of the competition prizes and I also reviewed items (most not on my old blog) sent to me from Pregnancy and Practical Parenting Magazine for my newborn. I had many review posts I wanted to do but that was around the time my life became too difficult to carry on with the blog. Although my child is 3 now and I'm not yet in the right situation to have another (fingers crossed one day I can give G a sibling) I want to include a few of those posts in this blog and will be doing reviews to items more applicable to our life right now. I don't get paid for any of them but I always find it useful before buying items to see how others have found them, so I hope my posts help others too.

 Blogging is something I enjoy and something I'm using to finally reintroduce a bit of much needed me time which I never have anymore (I'm actually writing this when I should be getting precious sleep). I have lots i want to blog about and there will be personal post's too - it's a good way to let off steam.

I hope some of you join me on my new blogging journey. x

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