Tuesday, 18 November 2014

What's on a 3 Year old's Christmas List

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So just in case Father Christmas is keeping up with the times I thought I'd publish G's list on the internet.

I'm pretty sure a huge amount of girls are asking for Frozen merchandise for the majority of their Christmas list, but a stand out important item G seems to be asking for is a long black felt tip pen.

A long black felt tip pen.

That is funny enough on it's own besides the fact she owns a million of the evil house ruining creations that are felt tip pens. People, very generous people at that, have brought her a large amount of colouring books and felt tips over the past year or two and she really needs no more for now and probably ever again.

She's also asked for a purple version of this tacky plastic supposed frog thing on a spring (kind of thing that comes out of a cracker that parents hate and young children love, see this post by brummymummyof2 for further examples) that her dad gave her a while back. I told her 'I don't know where they come from' and 'I don't think they have the in the shops'.

G tells me 'Father Christmas will be able to get it, don't worry mummy'.

That's not the only important job/problem mummy Mr Christmas will be having this year. G wants probably the most in demand Christmas present of the year.

Elsa snow glow 

This is probably mummy's fault by watching a video of it (which G saw) thinking it was amazing before

1. checking the price and
2. seeing that it was out of stock everywhere as it's this years Buzz Lightyear of Christmas toys.

I am having frightening visions of having somehow grabbed hold of one in the shop (not sure where the money will have come from) and then someone trying to grab it out my hands. Fighting over a doll as a grown woman.
I'm sure it won't come to that. I am thinking possibly G's very kind nana and grandad may be taking that problem out of my hands.

So here is G's list, typed up as I don't have a scanner and I wrote the original anyway (in crayon though) as unsurprisingly at 3 she can't write full on letters yet. A page scrawled full of o's, e's and scribble is more her thing.

Dear Father Christmas,

I'd really like 'some toys' for Christmas 'and toys for your children too'.

  • An Elsa costume
  • An Elsa doll (Elsa snow glow)
  • An Anna Doll
  • A big long black felt tip pen (now changed to a novelty christmas gingerbread pen spotted in the coop this evening that's surely going to be broken by my not overly gentle 3 year old within the first half hour of use).
  • A Fuzzy felt set (ok this is mummy's input, she's enjoyed playing with bits I've cut out before and I know she'd love one).
  • Frozen bedding (mummy's input again as she needs an extra bedding set but I know she loves Frozen ....2 birds ....)
  • A Hobby horse
  • A new make up set to use on her hairstyling/make up doll
  • Bubble Machine
  • Purple tacky springing frog thing.
  • A cot to put her dolly's in
  • Big version of snakes and ladders 
  • Room on the Broom Sound book

 Love from G....

We put G's list in an envelope and sent it off to the man himself*....

I've seen that lots of companies now who have set up their own personalised letter from Santa service at a price. It's a lovely idea but for those of you who'd rather not pay for the man in red to respond, if you send your child's Christmas list to the address pictured below....

....with your address details inside obviously, by December the 6th, Royal Mail Father Christmas will send your child a letter back for free.**

Or you can of course create your own.....

        ....that wouldn't even cost you a stamp, unless you go the extra mile to post it to your own house for your child to see it come through the letterbox.....

I didn't opt for that. It can arrive by magic just like Santa himself.

The List

What have your children asked for this Christmas? Anything out of the ordinary?

* Read as to Royal Mail
**Well for the price of a 2nd class stamp


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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Sarah :) x

  2. Aww lovely post :) my daughter wants all Frozen this ..

    Thanks for sharing at the weekend blog hop...

    1. Ah I imagine they all do. Frightening to thing how much will be made out of all this merchandising. Even sticking them on wrappers of plain white tissues and people fall for it. It's madness! thanks for hosting :) xx

  3. Such a lovely post. We haven't seen Frozen yet, so I have all this come come! Thanks for linking with #TheList x