Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Hobbycraft Advent Calender Project - Wishlist

via Hobbycraft website

I love Hobbycraft. I could live in there! It's the way I used to feel about Toys R Us when I was younger.
When looking round a couple of weeks ago for some small Halloween bits and bobs I spotted their Christmas section and their advent project ideas.
I felt my eyes go wide and was filled with excitement and wonder at the thought of the lovely advent tree I could create myself, fill of lovely (but cheap) things for my little girl and then keep for the years to come.

This probably sounds a bit sad to some but I do love crafts and when you are too ill to go out for dancing and drinks, tree climbing or just struggling to be social at all, being creative can be a great distraction. I turned to scrapbooking when I first became unwell but generally have always had a love of arts and crafts.

Sadly however I don't have the spare money to get myself the things I'd need for the project - hence it being a 'wishlist' post, but here's what I'd be getting if I did.

I would have chosen the lovely wooden tree out of the advent calenders. The selection in the Stockport store I spotted them in also included the house and truck pictured above and a reindeer. They are (or should i say were, as they are already now sold out in my local store) £15 each and then the choice is yours as to how you decorate them.

There's so many lovely choices; paints, papers, glitters, embellishments.....

I love the designs Hobbycraft have already done but if I was to do a different style I might use a gold or a light blue paint as a base or maybe go traditional and opt for this pine needle green shade which HC have used on the house advent calender.

If sticking with blues, golds, creams or white's I'd go for the lovely blue snowflake glitter as well or maybe the gold. If going with the traditional green I'd use this lovely bright red glitter glue at £1.50.

I love using buttons for embellishment and particularly like these. I also like these metallic red stars to add a simple festive touch. It would be hard to choose which to get.
They have a lovely range of Christmas toppers, many of which would look great on one of the wooden calenders. I love these poly hearts, the nutcracker set and the reindeer. They currently range from just 25p to £3.

They have some lovely choices for the numbers. I particularly like these wooden toppers which have been reduced to £2.  They have these lovely wooden numbers but I'm not sure if i might prefer the felt.
With all this choice it's lucky it's 3 for 2 on all the range. It will help stop the costs of this Christmas project adding up as much!

I love the 2 papers on the right.

I'd quite like to use some of these lovely festive papers on my wooden tree. I love a bit of Decopatch so this nordic paper might be nice. I also love these Christmas Brights Papers but if sticking to a themes I quite like these gold and duck egg blue deco papers and I love winter woodland set above and the red & green paper set pictured to the left.

The paper packs tend to range from £4 to £5 and then £7 to £9 for the more pricey Christmas papers.
If using the decopatch or lovely christmas tissue paper sets I imagine this decopatch glitter glue would give a lovely finish.

To help cut the costs and for many more benefits you can join the Hobbycraft Club. They will send you an introductory 15% voucher code via email or print you out one on a receipt in store.

Have you spotted any possible Christmas craft projects whilst out browsing?

*All pictures from Hobbycraft website

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  1. A fellow craft addict! I know when I enter Michael's I have to control myself and not drool! So many lovelies! lol! Stopping by via the Weekend Blog hop...hope you can come by for a visit a thttp://littleshackonthehill.blogspot.ca. I joined your followers and added you to my G+ circles!

    1. I can't believe I never replied to your comment Sue! Yes so many possibilities, so many options! xx