Sunday, 19 October 2014

Handforth Paddock Fair

What is it?

Handforth Paddock Fair is a new event held in the Paddock shopping area. It has been running the past couple of years and is organised by a lady from Cheshire books. It expanded to Cheadle Hulme family market this weekend and Handforth Paddock Fair itself ran twice this summer and again November 22nd for the Winter event.

What is there to do?

It is a free entry event with:

  •  food
  • stalls
  • bouncy castles
  • face painting 
  • lucky dips
  • pony rides 
  • raffles 
  • a treasure hunt 
  • miniature railway 
  • appearances from popular children's TV characters (usually Peppa pig) 
  • games 
  • craft activities - last year they had sand art at one of the events which was fab and this year pottery and canvas painting.
  • Punch & Judy Show

The activities/stalls vary each time as do the characters present.

How to get there:

The event is easily accessible with a bus stop right by the paddock and it's also only a five minute walk from the train station. Beware if you have a buggy though as it's stairs only, no lifts or ramps.
There is also parking behind the Paddock itself. 

Whats it Like?

We went to both the summer and winter events last year, the first being where G had her first ever pony ride and had her face painted for the first time. It was chilly and wet but a nice event and I particularly liked the Little Mermaid balloon she had made for her and the Cookie Monster cupcakes on sale.
A just turned 2 year old G was also over the moon meeting Peppa Pig for the first time which was lovely.

 We also went to one of the two summer events this year where they had a Frozen theme with an Elsa tribute, someone in a bit of a dodgy Olaf outfit (but the kids loved it) and a Frozen stall. It was a beautiful sunny day and we got a free little box of chocolates and there was plenty for G to do.

We went again the saturday just gone (November 22nd) for the winter fair and G enjoyed the bouncy castles, frozen characters, punch & judy show, train rides and joining in for a fun dance with a small local song/dance class. The sun made an appearance so it was another bizzarely warm November day and the paddock was nicely busy.

There's been a lot of bubbles about for the past couple of events with bubble guns being on sale, so prepare to have a few quid saved for one of those or be left with a crying child.
There is also a fab play park behind the paddock (Meriton road park) with some lovely play equipment, which is great to go to when you've finished at the fair.

The costs can add up at the fair, so if on a budget you have to keep an eye on what you spend. However with the train rides only being 50p a ride, the characters and this year a free Punch & Judy show ( not a show I'm overly comfortable with but G loves puppets) it can be a good cheap morning/afternoon out!

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