Thursday, 9 October 2014

My top picks from the shops for Halloween

I love Halloween and although I don't always get to dress up and do something special for it I still love seeing all the Halloween themed stock come out in the shops and having a browse.
Here are some of my favourite buy's I've spotted this year. If I'd had the money I'd buy them all.

Aldi - Signs £1.49. As I mentioned in my autumn post, I thought I'd update my very small Halloween stock and get one of these fab signs. We have the 'turn back' sign pictured above.

Also in Aldi were these amazing doorbells. I'm a little embarrassed to admit it gave me a shock when I pressed it and a nasty spider or other design of tongue shot out their mouths.
The shopkeeper couldn't confirm the price of these for me at the time. I might be tempted back next week to get one. I think they'd be great for giving trick or treaters a scare. Does it make me evil finding it funny to give them a scare? That's what they're coming for right?!

PoundLand have some great bits and bobs for Halloween. I got a pack of green and black balloons (as G loves her balloons - what toddler/preschooler doesn't!), a green halloween bowl, this fab bunting
and a tacky looking light up green spider which I knew G would love.

Looking on their online site I've also spotted this fab door mat which they didn't seem to have instore. They might well do in a store near you though.

I am quite a fan, of what others probably would find annoying, halloween novelty musical toys - I do have a little collection of my own. In Sainsburys earlier in the week I found this impressive musical 'rising witch' which retails at £15. Sadly I don't have that amount of money to spend on a novelty item otherwise I would have snapped it up.
I also loved the candy bowl with a snapping skeleton, which I think was £12 in Sainsburys but also found by looking online that B&M have it too for £9.99. Again great for scaring kids ha!
Sainsburys are also selling MONSTER pumpkins....they really are huge!!
 B&M also have a variety of halloween goblets on sale for 4 for £3. The designs I liked aren't on their website so I'll update this post when I've managed to get a snapshot.*

After a brief browse in H&B today (actually looking for hairdye so I'm not the one scaring the kids with how bad my hair looks) I spotted some great flat tinsel like hanging pumpkin decorations, I think for about 69p which I'd like a couple of. I also like their cute little ghost outfit. Their website doesn't seem to have any of this years halloween stock on currently so I'll have to try and get some photo's and update this post over the weekend.

I found this gorgeous little top in the girls clothing section at Asda for £4. I'd actually love this in adult size. I'll probably have G in this for the rest of October.

Morrisons also has some great Peppa Pig long sleeved tops in, a pink one with Peppa &Suzy as witches with plenty of bats and an orange one with George dressed as a Mummy. These are £5 each.

I also love Tesco's baby halloween clothing range, particularly the orange and black selection including a lovely orange 'Happy Little Pumpkin' bib and lovely little pumpkin booties!
Tesco also have some great little Halloween craft packs starting from £1, including a pompom spider.
Also for once a supermarkets claims for selling huge pumpkins are true. I hauled one back today for £2 and I'm looking forward to searching for some great carving inspriation.

Finally Hobbycraft is worth a visit, especially if you're not on a tight budget. They have some lovely bits and bobs and craft sets, all quite good prices but you could get really carried away! We chose the foam clay cat set pictured below. I loved the papier mache witches hat and pumpkin, they would be great to do in some fab decopatch papers or whatever decoration you or your little one choose. I also loved their little witch and pumpkin lanterns at £3 each. I was disappointed however to find their pack of 3 little polystyrene balls, which I went in for (for spider making) was the same price as their big variety pack in the Christmas section.
I also found the most amazing Christmas project in there of which i did spend a good deal of time staring at, dreaming away......but that's another season and another post!

*The hardship of not having a working smartphone! To be updated.

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