Thursday, 9 October 2014

Throwback Thursdays 9/10/14 Graduation - the man who got me there

I became ill with Crohn's disease and other complications at 19, after my first amazing year of uni (educationally and socially), my first festival (working for charity at Glastonbury), a good holiday job at a pharmacy management company and a great family holiday in Spain. Everything came crashing down.
Becoming ill in the way I did completely turned my life upside down. I massively struggled to get through the day. Back at uni after a year deferred I was still massively struggling. It was often a huge psychological battle just to be able to leave the house. It often still is.

This photo is on my graduation day with my tutor Terry ...without him I wouldn't have made it through, I wouldn't have graduated, I wouldn't have made it through another day or week there.

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