Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Young children book recommendation of the fortnight - The baby who wouldn't go to bed

This week I have chosen The Baby who wouldn't go to bed by Helen Cooper. A brilliant bedtime story for very young children especially those that can be funny with going to bed.
I originally got it for G for that very reason. It used to take her forever to go to bed or to sleep. Now she's much better although still has problems during the night.

It's a delightful book with baby refusing to go to bed and supposedly travelling off in his little car, coming across a tiger, some soldiers, a train and a musical band, all of whom he asks to play. They tell him they are too tired and are heading to bed and that he should too. He carries on until everything around him falls asleep even the moon.

But there is one person still awake, someone who can't go to sleep until baby does ....... mummy.

All the characters he's come across are toys in his room and he finally settles off to sleep. Lovely book and I recommend you have a read. I got our copy again from Amazon, second hand but in great condition.

Do you have any books that are great for getting your little one in the mood for sleep?

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