Thursday, 16 October 2014

Throwback Thursday The Countdown to Labour part1 Antenatal Class

This weeks TBT is a post from my previous blog. July 2011

Monday was my fourth iron infusion and our first antenatal class. Ashley came with me to the infusion after that I went to get us some dinner before the class. I bumped into a few of my work friends whilst I was there. It was really good to see them as I've been missing them and feeling very unsocial at points whilst I've been away.

What I expected
Our class had a lovely young midwife called Rebecca running it who I'd met before in the Maternity Assessment Center. It was not how I expected, not like the one's I'd seen in the movies with women sat between their partners legs practicing breathing techniques. I think they had separate 'Active Birth' classes for that which I'd been misinformed about.
Instead the first class was a talk through of labour and giving birth, what exactly happens in each stage, how to deal with the situation, when to get in touch with the hospital, pain relief options and so on.


Doesn't look fun
I knew roughly what I needed to about the stages but it was good to go through it in more detail and feel more prepared.
The one thing I hadn't ever thought so much about though, is the part after your cervix is fully dilated....when you've got past that pain, you then have to fit this baby through your birth canal! Whenever I'd thought about the terrifying prospect of giving birth before pregnancy, I always just related the cervix and the birth canal together, thinking they both widened and opened up. I suppose I'd just never thought about it properly. So talking about the actual giving birth, the 'pushing the baby out' part of labour in the class and solidifying the idea into my head, I did feel that fear coming back. It just seems physically impossible to me!

The main thing that got to me in the class besides that was talking about epidurals. Dear god I am NOT having one of those! I know you can never predict what will happen but the thought of that huge needle...and mainly the location where it goes ( could so easily paralyze you if it was done wrong) are what put me off! My naivety again became apparent to myself as I didn't realise a needle is left in to control and keep the dosage going. Whilst the midwife was talking through this my blood pressure was dropping and I came close to passing out. My very real needle phobia took over. You would think I'd be long over them by now but no!
After the talk she took us to see the Delivery Suite rooms. There were two types, one being a bit more homely with a separate room with a massive bath, which I would prefer if I get to choose when the time comes.

Giving birth - a scary thought?
Its funny, since becoming pregnant my feelings towards giving birth have changed a lot. Previously I had a morbid fear of child birth, I used to think that I couldn't do it and I would have to have a C - section and if not definitely an epidural.  Now they are the LAST two things I want!
During most of this pregnancy the thought of giving birth hadn't scared me at all. I think I was so in love with this new life I'd created and the excitement about meeting her, the worry and fear didn't factor in anymore.  You make the connection and your focus changes.
 I have to say though, now that I'm counting down the final days until my due date (9 days left at the time of writing) I am getting a bit nervous. I still partly can't imagine/believe it's actually going to happen, but with the back pains and what I assume are braxton hicks that I have been getting the past couple days it is starting to feel more real. 

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