Monday, 8 September 2014

Choosing a dance class

My little girl is always singing, dancing and what seems like performing all around the house, the town, wherever I take her (when she's not having a major tantrum that is). She is a born performer. She turned 3 at the end of July and due to the generous relatives she has, she has a bit of birthday money that I'm wanting to put towards dancing lessons for her.
However when it comes to choosing the right dance class I'm lost! As in our current situation money is very tight I'm needing a class in walking distance really - for me anyway as for a while she can still go in the pushchair. However due to a free bus service through the town center classes in that area are still an option too. This could really limit me as it seems a lot of great or perhaps diverse looking classes are based a bit out of my reach if I don't use public transport. A lot seem in the Cheadle area.

Also what kind of class? I have seen a great looking class (Unique) that seems to involve dancing, acting and singing and they learn dance routines but this is in Cheadle (distance) and price wise is more than others I am looking at. It's £6 a session. It's an hours walk but there is a chance I could get help with transport. It sound great though so I have signed Grace up for a trial lesson this coming Sunday afternoon.
My little girl has already met the teacher but in Queen Elsa form at a Summer event.

Most seem to center around ballet or modern. Is this where all dancers start off? My little girl seems to dance in a contemporary style (if you can catagorise a 3 year old's dancing! ) but she loves watching dance troupes at local events who do fun little dance routines to pop songs. Are dance troupes something separate to sign up for or do they evolve from dance classes? At the moment I am so confused.

Other classes I am looking at are a newly formed street dance tots class with the well established RJL Dance based in Bramhall and Hazel Grove. £5.50 a session I think. That class in particular is a 54 minute walk for me if we weren't get the bus. A trek for me and a long time for G to be stuck in a buggy. I have signed her up for a trial session this Friday afternoon so I will see how it goes - journey wise and how G enjoys it.

I am also looking at Debut Academy in central Stockport. £5 a class. This would be easier to get to and I could bob to Asda and get some very quick shopping done whilst Grace was there. They have a great reputation too. I'm sure all of them do, but I have seen as I have taken Grace to the play center held in the same building.

Also in town is Miss Muldoons school of dancing. I was slightly put off at first by not being able to find any details online. I heard of it through recommendation from a friend who's children go there and she has told me class times and that it would be best to start Grace in November after a show the class are currently practicing for was out of the way. I would feel more confident if I could talk to the owners in person but on searching for info online I have seen several professionals mention they were trained by her which can only be a good thing. Also it is only £3 a session so is much more affordable for me. It also would mean if I have a day where I am particularly unwell I don't have to worry so much about the cost of jumping on the bus to take her and I can also pay for that weekly. If financially things aren't too bad over the next couple of months I could pay for that normally and save her birthday money for one of the other (different style e.g  Unique or RJL) classes up to November ish (paid termly).

Despite the worry of choosing the right one I am mostly excited for her :) I was never able to go to dance or any other kind of class (except normal school!) and I am so happy she will get too. It seems to come from her soul, her spirit if that makes sense. When she is happy that is mostly what she is doing. I am nervous for the trials with it being her first time in a structured class but I'm sure she will love it.

The dance troupes who do funky dance moves (like G herself also loves when she's not prancing around like a ballerina) to pop music I am still clueless about. Any insight would be great if anyone can help please comment :)

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