Thursday, 11 September 2014

My favourite blogs this month

After looking around for some new blogs to read and some popping up via links on Twitter I came across some great one's to follow. A couple in particular either really made me laugh which I need right now or I could really relate to them. Or both. Usually the more I can relate, the more I laughed.

They are all family based blogs this time. Here are three that I think are really worth a read. The first two I've just found this week, the next three I've been following for longer.  Some help with your sanity when dealing with toddlers. Very funny and very refreshing. The last one gives you so many fabulous idea's to do with said toddlers/preschoolers. Please follow the links and take a look.

Brummy Mummy of 2: My favourite post I've read so far is this one but also loving  Alternative Parenting Skills you will really relate if you have toddlers.

Hurrah for Gin: This made me laugh Does Pinterest make you feel like a bad mum I love Pinterest but this is great.

Renagade mothering: I can't find the link to my favourite post but take a look at this one A VERY funny and very honest blog.

How to be a Domestic Disgrace: Another 'real' blog. She doesn't claim herself or her life to be perfect. Funny, refreshing and I love the intro line to the blog: What Nigella would do if she had an insubordinate child, 97 pence to last the week & a kitchen full of flying ants  My favourite post I've read so far is this.

The Imagination Tree: Crafty & Sensory Idea's for Kids Heaven. So many lovely idea's. I would have loved to be on of her children. So much fun. Here are two great posts: 40 fine motor skills activities and The A-Z of play dough recipes

Have you discovered any good blogs lately that you'd like to share?

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