Sunday, 14 September 2014

On a Budget - Basic Tips No.1

Look in all the reduced sections when out shopping at the supermarket you never know what you might find.

My recent savings include finding boxes of Asda Non-Bio laundry detergent for 25p just because they were rebranding (my best saving so far - would have got more than one of didn't have a load of other shopping to carry) and these two:

500ml Baylis & Harding Royale Bouquet - 80p

We had nearly run out of hand-wash and I normally get whichever 250ml bottle that has been reduced to £1. Preferably one that either is good for sensitive skin or says antibacerial on it, but either way only £1.
 I could use the cheaper option of a bar of soap but it helps manage my ocd like flare up's of freaking out about germs & dirt by using handwash.
This was double the volume of the £1 bottles and luxury being Baylis&Harding, lovely fragrance, lovely bottle but with just a slight dint in it...hence the reduced price. I'm not fussed about having fancy hadwash but it's a nice change.

nspa Hair Rituals Shampoo £1.50

I was also looking for cheap but effective intense care for my long suffering, damaged hair. They had the N-spa 123 range in the reduced section. They also had nSpa's great looking hair mask. Shampoo (1) pictured, conditioner (2) and serum (3). £1.50 down from £3.95. The information tells you they obviously work the best if all used together. However I could only get just the one....but it still promises to make a difference.

I was very lucky they happened to have things I had been looking for that day. If I had the opportunity I'd go shopping in the evening to make the most of reductions in the chilled, baking and veg sections but you can still make savings looking during the day too.

What's your best saving you have made in your grocery shop by looking for reduced items?

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