Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Regaining my health - Hair restoration

As I mentioned in my Water Challenge post my self esteem is currently rock bottom and I'm a shell of my former self. Being very unwell, dealing with a huge amount of stress, being on some horrible medications and just not having the time and energy to look after myself on top of everything else has really taken it's toll on my body.

One of many things that is suffering is my hair. Stress and ill health along with one of my medications has lead to me loosing a lot of  hair. This has been very hard to deal with and when at it's thinnest is very depressing. It is slightly better now but also very damaged. Last time I had the time and money to get a haircut (over a year ago) I was advised to get a protein spray for my hair but I've still not had the spare £12 that I've not needed for something more important.

I'm desperate to get back to the hairdressers and have some of the damaged hair cut of and have it restyled so I will be trawling groupon, wowcher and other such sites for some good local deals soon. For now though I need to start looking after it better. I want to tackle the problem from both inside and out, so I wanted to find vitamins specific for the hair and a good hair product, maybe a shampoo.

Due to being on a very tight budget I couldn't get the vitamins I would have liked from Holland & Barret but I found these skin, hair and nails vitamins at Asda for a much cheaper price. I'm hoping they will start to make a difference after using them for a while.

I also found some NSPA hair rituals products in the reduced section in Asda. They had a few different versions to cater for different hair types but the product I chose was the Repairing Shampoo (step 1) for dry/damaged hair. They have 3 steps and so 3 products for each hair type. They had the conditioner and a hair mask (steps 2 & 3 for this hair type) but I could only get the shampoo on this occasion.

Hair care from Asda

The shampoo says:

 For the ultimate weapon against dry and brittle hair, try NSPA Repairing Shampoo and Conditioner. This Shampoo cleans with an ultra-rich spa-professional formula that will intensely soften and smooth your hair to leave it feeling like pure silk. Formulated with Pro-Vitamin B5 this gentle shampoo adds luminosity and restores moisture to replenish and intensely condition your hair and repair split ends leaving your locks beautifully sleek and with a brilliant shine.For best results, follow with an NSPA Step 2 conditioner and Step 3 treatment.

It says they work better used all together but I'm hoping this will start to make a difference after prolonged use on it's own as well. I already have another brand hair mask purchased a while back I'm going to use this weekend. NSPA is an animal friendly brand which I was happy to read.

I'm going to keep using these products over the next two months and see if I see any positive changes in the health and appearance of my hair. Fingers crossed.

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