Thursday, 18 September 2014

New hobby, New Venture? - Face Painting

When I organised G's 3rd birthday party in July I brought a small set of Snazaroo face paints with some money I'd made on a car boot and was planning on doing the face painting myself. Luckily a friend who came with her little boy offered to do it as it something she used to do a lot at church fetes. Without her help there wouldn't have been many faces painted with all the running around I had to do. I barely stopped.

I'm not technically looking at it as a hobby, more a talent I want to establish - a new venture in hope of making money from it, but also something I enjoy. I love to be creative when i get the chance and I'm going to be watching a few tips online before my next attempts. I need to slowly build myself up a collection of paints and a portfolio and put myself out there. If I'm any good.

I've seen people charge prices from 50p to £3.50/£4 Some of those charging at the upper end have been very talented, some great designs and skill. Others I could do myself after a little more practice. Some people employed by entertainment companies I've seen just stick on a small transfer and do a couple of silver swirly lines, not even any blue and that was it for their Elsa design. They are employed for that so called skill. I could do that, I'm pretty sure I could do better.

I finally had a go myself, very tired after we'd been to National Play Day. G was pretty fidgety, but that I guess may be extra good practice because if doing it professionally at a fete or wherever there's a high chance I may get a fair few young fidgety customers.

Some photo's of my very first attempt on a tired fidgety just turned 3 year old

A selfie from Grace

Not too bad for a first try I don't think. Looking forward to learning the techniques and getting my own brushes instead of borrowing G's paint brushes.

Have you ever considered face painting as a money maker?

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