Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Water Challenge

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I am awful at remembering to look after myself since having a child. Obviously my long term illness doesn't help matters but is all the more reason why I should be doing. I remember to run round making sure I have done everything for G and getting as much house work done a long the way and now even this new blogging venture is coming first before looking after number one.
Obviously G will always come first but I need to take better care of myself for her sake as well as mine.

One of my issues is not drinking enough. Plenty of people don't but this can be especially dangerous when my disease is in full flare. I have a low blood pressure anyway but due to daily blood loss and other fluid loss, if I don't keep up the fluids the occurrence of collapse and hospital visits to be hooked up on IV's roll around much faster.

At the moment, whilst I am seemingly in remission but un well with other related issues, I can see how badly my body and appearance has suffered from my recent hardships over the past couple of years. I would say I am literally a shell of my former self except for the fact I am almost 2 stone heavier since having a baby (having a baby was the good bit) and several sessions of steroid treatment - but basically my figure, hair, skin and my mental state of mind have suffered. I don't fit in my old clothes of which I had plenty and with having no money the past couple of years I only have a few items which after being worn over and over mean I always look scruffy!

I am desperate to make a change to this to help get me back and improve my mental well being and self esteem (rock bottom right now). Drinking enough is a good first step - a small one but a very important one.

It is recommended that we should drink 8 glasses a day or 1.6 litres for a woman and 2 litres for a man.

There is a lot of different advice out there about how much we should drink but you can't deny the benefits of drinking water and drinking enough.

Skin is one thing that definitely benefits - I suffer from dry spot prone skin. I generally got past the spot stage but then the evil steroidal treatment which I was put on multiple times (despite the fact it no longer worked) played havoc with my skin. Drinking water helps clear out your toxins, so not having enough is not going to do your skin any favours. It also obviously gives you more moisture and rehydrated skin has only got to make you look younger and healthy.

The toxins in your body affect you in many other ways than just your skin. Flushing them out with water is a much cheaper alternative than going to a spa.

Weight - this is another pressing factor to increase my fluid intake. Thirst can often be mistaken for hunger. I know I do it sometimes. So drinking enough can help decrease your appetite too

Dehydration can affect your concentration and memory and general brain function and also what I didn't know until now you are more likely to catch a bug if dehydrated!

Drinking enough also helps your digestive system be regular and without that again toxins are more likely to build up and damage your body.

So from tomorrow I'll be consciously increasing my fluid intake (hot drinks, milk and squash count too, even fizzy drinks but obviously water is the best for you) and hoping after a while it will be automatic to once drink enough again!

Writing in on here means I have to do it ...if the other factors weren't enough reason!

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For anyone who is suddenly thinking they really don't drink enough ....don't over do it and drink the 8 glasses in one go ...water intoxication can be fatal. Just be more aware tomorrow and spread it out through the day.

Let me know if you do the Water Challenge and if you see any improvements in your health/appearance after a few weeks.

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