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MAM Soother Review

My little girl has turned 3 now and luckily has been off dummies during the day now for a while. Night time has been more of a struggle due to her sleeping issues. Despite the difficulties of getting to the 100% dummy free status (very almost there :) ) I don't regret the use of a dummy. However if I went back or do it all again I would try to lessen the use of it during her waking hours.

Here is the slightly updated review I did on MAM soothers when G was a baby.

Opinion is divided on the use of dummies (soothers/pacifiers) but at times when your baby is very distressed or you are incredibly busy - in a rush to get somewhere - in my case say a hosital appointment, then it can make things a huge emount easier. You could just let them cry and scream but I'm not one of those who can leave them like that, maybe it's a weakness but if I can't comfort her in other ways and with life already being difficult it did help to let her have this extra comfort.
Mainly for me it would be those times at night when you are really, really struggling to stay awake with your child and they won't settle, sometimes I felt I needed to use one.
They were helpful for G as she had a sensitive tummy since week two and began to suffer from bad trapped wind a lot. They sometimes helped to soothe her when she was inconsolable and if something helps make her feel better that's fine by me.

I was worried about giving G one so soon, but felt better about it when I saw that they help prevent SID (sudden Infant Death Syndrome). They are FSID approved.We had a small tub of soothers at home as before having my baby, I didn't know which would be best so brought Avent and MAM and we were gifted some Tommee Tippee ones. 
Designs from 2011
The first one we happened to give G was a MAM 'I Love My Daddy' soother and because she became used to the shape and feel of the design, they became her favourite. She was then a bit fussy towards the other makes.
Another important reason I am not against the use of soothers is that many these days are orthodontically designed so support the healthy and proper growth of your children's teeth and gums.
MAM are one company who use this concept. ALL of their soothers are orthodontically designed.

We only had two packs to begin with, the Mummy and Daddy set pictured above and a 0 - 2 month pack pictured to the left, which has a smaller plastic frame with larger airholes.

We also had another single one I got free with a magazine - Practical Parenting & Pregnancy I think, which G is pictured with below:

I think this was 6month+ size so too big at the time

At the Manchester Baby Show (2011) MAM had a special offer on - 3 packs of soothers/clips for £10. It was too good an offer to miss, especially as I'd been wanting some more MAM soothers for Grace, but also as proved by her spitting her dummy onto the floor at the show, having some clips would come in handy too.
I got the blue and pink/lilac Night soother packs (pictured below), partly because I love the designs on them, but also as they are glow in the dark, like the one above.

2011 Designs
I think this is a excellent idea, because if your baby uses a soother at night and it has fallen out into their basket/crib/cot somewhere, you don't have to blindly rummage around to find it and also they provide a soothing glow for the baby. I'd definitely recommend them.

Here is Grace with one of the above mentioned:

The clips we got here are pictured below, and again not only are useful, but have a pleasing design.

I would highly reccomend use of the dummy clips* as when not using them (if others needed a wash or we lost the clips round the house) we lost a lot of our soothers over time!
They don't do the above design anymore but they have a lot of lovely designs they didn't have 2-3 yrs ago and are around £1 cheaper now.

So here's what makes MAM soothers extra special:

  • The soothers are 'good for the skin thanks to air holes and MAMs unique inside surface'.
  •  'MAMs patented silk teat is silky soft and thanks to the anti slip surface the soother stays easily in baby's mouth'.
  • 'The orthodontic teat is ideal for baby's jaw and teeth development'.
  • They are BPA free
  • They are FSID approved.

Aswell as the Original and Original night soothers they have the MAM Crystal, Perfect, Perfect Night, Soft, Latex and Air ranges. They do 4 different dummy sizes so you get the right one for your baby 0 months+, 0-2 months, 6 months+ and 12 months+
You can also personalise a dummy and put your childs name or nickname on.

 I like that they don't have a handle to flap about, on top of the fact they are designed to benefit my baby as much as possible. There are also lots of lovely designs to choose from. Some of my favourites were the owl and cat designs. They regularly change them. My favourite recent designs from looking at the website are the MAM original teddybear and cat & horse with the moon night designs in the 12 month+ range, but sadly I don't have a baby to give them to now!

Current 2014 Designs. £5.15 for 2 pack.

As well as their website MAM soothers are also available at other retailers such as Asda and Boots.
MAM also have a Facebook page ran and my still do regular competitions (which we won a few soothers on and bottles) and is a good place to chat to other mums.

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